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Korova has partnered with California’s Nugg Club cannabis subscription box on a special edition cookie that will be included in Nugg’s February box – and exclusively available for Nugg members.

Since its launch last year, Nugg Club has aimed to help cannabis consumers discover new products and brands that they will love. The company’s team of experts curate the best products available on the market in their monthly subscription box content.

Korova custom contribution is a chocolate chip cookie half dipped in white chocolate, and contains 100mg of THC. The cookies will be sent to Nugg Club subscribers who have edibles as one of their product preferences, and the cookie will also be available to purchase through the add-ons menu that is available to all subscribers.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Korova on this delicious, special edition cookie that’s sure to delight our edible-loving members,” said Alex Milligan, Founder and CMO of Nugg Club. “With so many brands cluttering the market, consumers often don’t know what to buy. Nugg Club is proud to partner with Korova, one of the industry’s most renowned edibles brands, to make things easy for our members.”

Korova Edibles dedicates themselves to providing the absolute best cannabis products on the scene at an affordable price. The company makes a wildly popular line of mini and full size cookies that range in potency from 100mg to 2,000mg THC, location dependent. The partnership between Nugg Club and Korova is one of the first formal brand collaborations to produce an edible product.

“Subscription services like Nugg Club represent the rapidly maturing nature of consumer cannabis,” said Oren Schauble, President of Unrivaled Inc. “Partners like Nugg are doing an excellent job spreading awareness of different cannabis categories, and providing experiences patients and consumers can get excited about.  We’re proud to work with Nugg to create products and experiences that are on the forefront of the modern cannabis experience, and can’t wait to see where this collaboration goes as our respective businesses expand in the future.”

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