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Today, Korova launched a new 1000mg tincture, the Black Bottle, in California and in Oregon, a nod to Korova’s “Unrivaled Potency” history with the infamous 1000mg Black Bar.  The Black Bottle is a water-soluble TBC additive that offers an extremely high dose in a conveniently small package. The application and flavors we’re designed to easily turn any drink into a THC infused beverage, with precise dosing (1mg=1drop).    Available in four flavors in both states, the Black Bottle is vegan, gluten free, rapid onset, and since its water soluble will mix with any drink.

Unrivaled President Oren Schauble says “We look at the THC drinks category as a product opportunity still in early infancy. As cannabis adoption continues to rapidly move forward both medically and recreationally we expect there to be an opportunity in the ready-to-drink and beverage mixer category that will rival energy drinks and liquor in size.   The Black Bottle was originally connected for the high-THC user, but we’ve found it is applicable to any cannabis patient or consumer looking for a tasty, easily disable, discrete and creative way to feel the positive effects of THC.   Being high dose, water soluble and rapid onset means our Black Bottle is at the leading edge of the cannabis drink category.”

From the team: We recommend for use in soft drinks, cocktails, sparkling beverages, water, smoothies, açaí bowls, or even pancakes. The lime flavor is also great as a cooking additive (try in tacos or guacamole!).

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  • I’ve noticed the Korova black bottle 1000mg tincture, used to come in Peach flavor. Is it still available? I don’t care for the peach-mango flavor, has the single flavor Peach been discontinued? If the local retailer in Klamath Falls Oregon, is unwilling to proved it, how else can it be acquired?

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